Tap & Pay is a term that has been around for a long time. We mentioned Tap & Pay more when the advent of NFC technology came to Vietnam. Everything seems to stop at the “introduction” level, and no one has deployed it.

Standing in front of those opportunities, TRUST Pay is the first company in Vietnam to prepare for Tap & Pay payment using NFC technology. Along with the implementation of Tap & Pay, TRUST pay offers a total solution named TRUST world, which includes forms of payment: card, e-wallet, and of-course NFC.

Firstly, TRUST pay plans to help Vietnamese users could experience a new version of payment in a more convenient and modern way. Just touch to pay, no card, no cash, and especially safety. Users just need to take their phones with an NFC tag. Secondly, Vietnam will be one of the following countries in Southeast Asia to accept this way of payment. NFC is currently a trend payment in the world, this payment will promote the economy and usage behavior.

In the future, we can use this form of payment when people pay for coffee, cinema, Rapid Transport (MRT), or Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). This payment method is popular in Singapore: buyers only touch the card to pay for everything.

Currently, TRUST world is cooperating with its partners to develop the “cashback” feature for users when paying. Accordingly, the user can get a refund of the amount paid, and the money will “run” to their e-wallet on TRUST world, where they can continue to use the money to buy what they want. With the desire to turn Vietnam into a developed country, TRUST pay has entered a field that no one has dared to try. Although developing this technology will still have many challenges, it also has potential. It is expected that Tap & Pay will be implemented in July, piloted at some stores in Ho Chi Minh City.

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