Vinatti Top-up is a product developed after researching and innovating time by VINA investment development and technology transfer company limited. With the mission of bringing a new experience in the field of digital telecommunications and services, Vinatti Top-up is a fully integrated tool that satisfies all needs of customers:

Top-up service: top up directly into the telecommunications account of end users’ subscriber

Data code service: Provide data card codes of telecommunications carriers

Pin code service: Provide telecommunications card codes for end users to top-up carrier’ accounts

Game Card service: Distributing game card codes to game publishers in Vietnam

Carrying the mission of bringing a new digital telecommunications experience to every customer, Vi Top-up is the result of a long time of innovation and research.


  1. Convenience

Vi Top-up is a payment method that integrates many digital services for daily life such as mobile phone top-ups, phone card purchases, data top-ups, game card top-ups, and bill payments.

  1. Quicks

Understanding that everyone wants to save time as much as possible, Vi Top-up is simplified with operations to make the experience even smoother.

  1. Simplicity

Vi Top-up operates not only quickly but also simply. It is suitable for users of all ages.

  1. Prestige

As a partner of many big brands, Vi Top-up ensures transparency and fairness in each transaction that brings assurance to users and partners.

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