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Policy & Benefit

VINATTI always welcome all candidates

1. HR Policy

VINATTI regard human resource as a key factor which is a valuable asset. Therefore, VINATTI create HR policies with the purpose of turning human resource into a special advantage and playing a decisive role for the success of implementation.

In principle of recruitment, VINATTI select the most suitable candidates for positions based on the knowledge, ability, attitude, behavior and experience.

We always aim to create a professional environment of working with high qualified employees.

2. Benefit

Salary and bonus for employees of VINATTI based on three factors:

- Position - Payment by location

- Person – Payment by ability

- Performance - Payment by job performance

VINATTI always ensure that all employees are entitled to remuneration in accordance with the law; VINATTI also always focus developing a roadmap for development of employees according to their level, personal quality, skill and job performance.

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