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Payment systems in a multi-service postal PayPost

Paypost payment system is one system transaction processing top billing in Vietnam, simplifying the process electronic payments from anywhere at any time with any method safely and reliability.


Currently, the country has appeared in many models of non-cash payments such as electronic wallet, credit cards, Visa, MasterCard, bank Internet Banking. However the majority of people still Use traditional payment plan is cash.
Therefore, the service provider must build agent systems, point of collection costly after-sales and high risk, difficult to expand the sales network to different regions as companies insurance, consumer lending.
6/2007 Postal Corporation Vietnam established a network of over 10,000 post offices and tens of thousands of postal tellers. But just focused telecommunications bill collection, not focused counterparts in other industries.
Facing this reality, the end of 2007, the authors of the Investment Corporation to develop and transfer technology Vina (VINATTI) in collaboration with the Postal Corporation of Vietnam (VietNamPost) to conduct research on solution using the VietNamPost themanh to solve difficult problems of suppliers, which launched multi-payment system in pants Postal service (PayPost).
Mid-2009, the system was deployed PayPost tested at 500 post offices Postal Corporation of Vietnam (Vietnam Post) with a collection partners have an average trading volume of 2,000 transactions / month.
However, by early 2014, the system was deployed in 3500 PayPost postcode connection point for all kinds of services online revenue and expenditure, in the 750 remittance partners for collection, drawing on diverse forms as : insurance companies, financial services firms, banks, telecommunications, airlines, pay TV output processing 2 million transactions / month.
Giao diện phần mềm quản lý của PayPost
Interface management software PayPost
In the last 3 years since 2011, the system continuously PayPost output growth with total transaction amount in 2011 reached over 500 tydong, over 9,000 tydong 2012 and 2013 over 18,000 tydong, the plan in 2014 reached tydong 26,000. Bring revenue service charge VietNamPost tydong 300/1 year and over 15 tydong service revenue for the company.
The advantage that the system Paypost brings :
- For customers: The system has facilitated the demand for payment, receive money, transfer money. Customers can go to any point of the post transaction at any time during working hours to perform the service.
- For partners through detailed collection: No need to take costs to build large agent network, the transaction to revenue and expenditure from customers. Reducing the Risk of cash management. Easily expand the business to different regions of the country.
- About the Vietnam Post: The use of the system as a tool PayPost to increase services at Post Office counters, generate additional income for over 10,000 tellers; promote the expansion and improving public services through the Post Office network, promoting the efficiency of the public postal network by state investment, contributing to participation in the provision of public services.
In general, multi-payment system services at post office counters - Paypost is one of the systems transaction processing top billing in Vietnam, simplifying the process electronic payments from anywhere any time point to any method to safely and reliably.
Before the practical value of the system PayPost, Jury Award Vietnam Talent 2014 has decided to look PayPost is one of eight information technology products successfully to compete in the finals Talent Award Vietnamese soil this year.
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