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IT system

I. Model information technology systems
For the purpose of incorporation to become a leading company in the field of payment transaction processing platforms so Vinatti technology is guaranteed under the following criteria :
· Stability
· High Availability
· The high scalability of the system
With the above criteria have been targeting companies building technology solutions are a combination of server infrastructure and software solutions :
· A server system infrastructure capable of stable operation , capable of simultaneously handling a large number of transactions . Safety of information security .
· Select and develop software solutions focused online processor with simultaneous processing a large number of transactions .
     On the basis of cooperation between VNPost and Paynet ago in deploying services on the host system VNPOST lease of Paynet has met the major output deals . The Vinatti have to sign a contract to rent the server system and the next time will buy this system . To ensure that the service is operating normally VNPOST .
     The product 's software will run on 2 Vinatti the system :
· Software Switch and Card Management WAY4
This system was purchased from the company Openway with management functions , accounting accounts of post offices , district , provincial bases limits will help the management unit can control risk . On the other hand due to the nature is a financial switching system , which is more critical management bank in Vietnam to use so that could play several switches connected to the implementation of the bank card services .
· Software services in a multi- Paypost
Paypost is written for the purpose of implementing the service income and expenditure , cash at the counter is connected or not connected with partners online collection , thanks spending . Connection with the accounting system for public WAY4 debit account .
· ID Card Software provides electronic Epost
Code aims to sell electronic cards instead of providing hard- code the current card , connected directly to warehouses focus . Epost built for installation at the University of Post Office . Salespeople use the software to print the electronic card code from the repository needs a card when online. Epost system using the account on WAY4 to manage agent accounts , post office .
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