Technology Transfer & Investment
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Core Values

1. Customer oriented: Serving customers with products and services having effect, security and best quality. All activities of our business are oriented to the needs and satisfaction of customers. Customer satisfaction is one of VINATTI mission helping us develop everlastingly.

2. Commitment of perfect: We actively catch needs of our customers in advance and continue improving the existing products and services, offering new products and services to meet demand of increasing and diversified market. We want to provide "the excellence in all services".

3. Cooperation and sharing: Acting based on the spirit of cooperation with customers, partners, employees and shareholders to create and share the long-term and sustainability benefits.

4. Enduring development: VINATTI commit to create long-lasting value, focusing on long-term benefits for customers and shareholders.

5. People are the center: We believe that people are the most important factor and is the capital of any organization. With the "plentiful capital" going with the right strategy, VINATTI will continue rising up and developing strongly.

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